SAFTPRO is an off-the-shelf software solution that reduces contextual costs, fraud and tax evasion
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Know the Trace of your Economy

Fraud and tax evasion are two major concerns for governments. They are synonyms of informal economy growth, restricting available budgets, compromising social welfare and creating unfair competition between organizations.

SAFTPRO was designed to address both these issues. By collecting and processing information of invoices issued within a given economy, Tax Authorities can detect irregularities and take necessary actions to address non-compliant taxable persons.

In a Nutshell

  • The Solution

    SAFTPRO collects and processes SAF-T files (standard audit files for tax purposes), an OECD defined standard, with the goal of providing crucial information about economic transactions to Tax Authorities.

  • The Process

    The solution provides interfaces for both upload and webservice file submission, allowing economic agents to choose the alternative that suits them best.


    SAFTPRO is a comprehensive software that offers Tax Authorities a fast deployment solution with a high level of customization to adapt to local legislation.


for tax authorities

  • Helps fight fraud and tax evasion
  • Increases tax system justice and taxable person compliance
  • Increases overall tax revenues (VAT), without raising taxes
  • Improves response time in detecting non-confirming taxable persons
  • Fast deployment solution, adaptable to local legislation


  • Promotes transparency
  • Decreases unfair competition


  • Promotes higher social welfare
  • Boosts taxable persons’ sense of fiscal citizenship

How it works

key features

The Portuguese Example

In Portugal, SAF-T data is used to pre-fill tax reports and fight fraud and tax evasion.

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The use of the SAF-T file to collect information regarding economic transactions has already been adopted by several countries and more are planning to adopt it in the future, following OECD guidelines. If you are interested in this topic, stay up to date with the latest developments by reading our blog.
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